Cutting Boards

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We make the most beautiful, intelligent, and the coolest wood cutting/serving boards we can imagine. Each is made from a single piece of wood and each has its own individual story to tell with its unique woodscape.

In addition to their beauty they are wonderful to touch and a joy to use.

Our boards are made from either Birdseye Sugar Maple, its most rare sister Flame Sugar Maple, its 1st cousin Tiger Red Maple, or its 3rd cousin-once-removed Flame Birch.

All our woods are roasted/heat-treated to infuse them with carbon. This carbonization stabilizes the woods without chemicals and lets us make thin boards that are stable and super convenient.

Board Style

We make our boards in many sizes for your convenience.

All our boards are reversible. One side is flat for traditional use. The opposite side is dished out in a shallow ellipse. This is useful to keep juices from spilling, whether from salad dressings, sliced tomatoes, meats, or peaches. It's also useful when using the board as a serving board or sandwich plate. We hand polish the elipse to cameo the wood's beauty.


We install our iPegs in each corner of boards over 6.5 inches wide. The iPegs balance the board on uneven surfaces, prevent slipping on the counter or tabletop, and make them easy to pick up. We have added IONPURE to our iPegs. IONPURE is a powdered glass that ionizes antimicrobial agents when wet. Very Cool! IONPURE was developed in Japan; it is used there in plastic food boards and toothbrushes.