Figured Maple Cutting & Serving Boards

We make the most beautiful, useful, durable and coolest wood cutting/serving boards imaginable. We see our boards as the celebration of these woods. Each board is made from a single piece of beautiful wood (except for our bigger Megaboards). Each tells its own story with its unique woodscape of iridescent figure, sweeping grain lines, and one-of-a-kind character.

Beautiful Boards are hand polished and hand oiled. In addition to their beauty, they are wonderful to touch, and a joy to use. They age beautifully as you add your stories and memories while enjoying the pleasures of sharing food with friends, family, and loved ones.

Our boards are made from either Birdseye Sugar Maple, its most rare sister Flame Sugar Maple, its 1st cousin Tiger Red Maple, or its 2nd cousin-once-removed Flame Birch.

All our woods are sustainably sourced here in the USA from FSC or SFI Certificate Holders.

Durability is sustainability. Beautiful Boards stand nearly alone with their one piece design.

We roast/heat treat our woods to seal in their natural carbon. This carbon seal, or carbonization, is the ultimate in cutting board hygiene. We patented this BioPure Carbon Lokt process. Carbon does not support bacterial growth.

Roasting also gives Beautiful Boards their lovely warm colors.

Beautiful Boards are beautiful, hygienic, stable, and super convenient; for your lifetime.

Board Design

We make our boards in many sizes for your convenience.

Beautiful Boards are reversible. One side is flat for traditional use. The opposite side is dished out in a useful shallow ellipse to hold juices.


Unique to Beautiful Boards is the shallow ellipse we cut into one side of every board. It was inspired by our love of tomatoes. It’s perfect for keeping juice from tomatoes, meats, pickles, salsa and peaches “on board”. Crumbs from crackers, chips, cookies and sandwiches stay put too. The Beautiful Board Ellipse elevates our boards' usefulness as serving boards and sandwich/snack plates. We hand polish the ellipse to create a cameo highlighting each board's beauty.

Figured Maple Cutting Board with Ellipse
"Torrefied" Figured Maple Cutting Board with Ellipse

Unique iPegs

Unique to Beautiful Boards are our inventive iPegs. We install our iPegs in each corner of our medium and larger boards. The iPegs balance the board on uneven surfaces, prevent slipping on the counter, and make them easier to pick up. We have added IONPURE to our iPegs. IONPURE is a powdered glass that ionizes antimicrobial agents when wet. Very Cool. IONPURE was developed in Japan, where it is used in plastic food boards and toothbrushes.


All Beautiful Boards are sealed internally with carbon by our roasting process.

You should wash your Beautiful Boards as needed and as your specific use requires.

We wipe off bread crumbs by hand. We rinse and wipe off leftover juices from fruit and garlic by hand under running hot water. For bigger jobs, and definitely after cutting meats, we wash with dish detergent and a dish brush. We always rinse under hot water and wipe dry. It’s important to get the iPegs wet as this triggers their release of anti-microbial agents. You should re-oil your Beautiful Boards when they look dry. We recommend applying oil using our EASY OILER.

Beautiful Boards are NOT dishwasher safe. But we have seen several that have been put through the dishwasher with no apparent damage.

Do NOT soak your Beautiful Boards in water. Keep them oiled for easy cleaning. Our Easy Oiler is the coolest tool for oiling boards.

Bon Appetit!

Each Beautiful Board is individually numbered and photographed. The board you see and order from this website will be the board you receive.