beautiful cutting board

Master Chef:

Nuance — you have mastered the nuances of heat, time, and texture. Also the nuances of ingredients, seasoning, preparation, and presentation.
You repeat this mastery over and over to provide people exquisite meals.
Your Beautiful Boards are the ultimate complement to your creations.
Their beauty and functionality are unmatched.
They are the perfect pallette for the preparation and presentation of your masterpieces.

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Home Head Cook:

Every day is full. Some nights it's about quantity.
Other nights it's old standbys or something new—for two or for seven.
Your Beautiful Boards are a constant amid the mayhem, offering their feel and beauty to soothe your nerves.
They look good and feel good. Chopped onions on one, cheese on another, and garlic on another.
Chop chicken, fish, or meat on another—you can dump burger on another and mix in your spices.
Stack them off to the side till you're ready for them.
They rinse quickly and dry fast.
Super convenient.

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Relaxed Cook:

You arrive home in the earliest waves of Friday afternoon traffic.
You love your timing; and often go in early on Friday to get this time alone.
You change into your 'home clothes' and unpack the bags from your two favorite markets.
You open a bottle of wine and wash your palette with it before setting it aside to breathe. You love how it changes with breathing and look forward to your second taste in about forty-five minutes.
You set some cheeses to ripen on one of your Beautiful Boards.
Next, music. You want something that spreads time... giving you room to feel, think, wonder, and dream.
Back to the kitchen. You set dry cured beef and hard salami on another of your Beautiful Boards.
The music is just right and you hope it aligns for your partner too, later on.
As you start a ginger sauce for the shrimp you dwell on the people you love, and count your blessings.
The wine is way better on the second taste. You try some cheese.
You notice your Beautiful Boards as they catch the low angled sun.
You look forward to your partner's arrival and an evening of sharing and being together.
You are happy.

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Sloppy Cook:

You get that rules are made to be broken.
It's a creative process.
A pinch or a dash is just as good as precise measurements.
You get it.
So flurry on and drop all in the sink as you go.
Your Beautiful Boards will clean just as easily later on. You can stick 'em in the dishwasher if you want. Enjoy the process.
I bet it tastes great.

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Single Parent Cook:

Time is of the essence.
Prep and serve a peanut butter & banana caterpillar right on your Beautiful Board.
Cut up a grilled cheese and set it on another.
Cut up some cheese... Anything!... Just get it there before hangry arrives.
So simple, fast, and clean.

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Vegan Cook:

Have some Beautiful Boards to yourself.
You can keep one in the fridge with fresh veggies or quinoa and garlic.
You can mash chickpeas on a larger one—add garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, lime juice, and tahini.
Mix them all right on your Beautiful Board.
Delightful food.
Fresh and simple.

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Clean Freak Cook:

Foodborne diseases are always a concern.
Cutting boards with glue joints that crack open, and open pores in the wood are great hiding places for dangerous germs.
Beautiful Boards are made from a single piece of maple wood. There are no glue lines to crack open.
Our exclusive 'carbon set' technology fills the wood pores with carbon.
Carbon is like charcoal, and does not support bacterial growth.
The corner iPegs include an anti-microbial glass powder call Ion-Pure.
It's made in Japan where they use it in toothbrushes and cutting boards.
Beautiful Boards are as close to perfectly clean as a cutting board can be.
And they are made to stay that way.

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Minimalist Cook:

Some Zen Budhists have only one bowl and spoon for eating food.
It is freeing.
You can do the same with a Beautiful Board.

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Cave Man Cave Cook:

You have contemplated the fundamentals of life and you live by a code.
Your close friends also live by a code.
You don’t require theirs be the same as yours. The common thread is character and integrity. Staying true to one's self.
You love to cook. The food and seasonings connect you to the earth.
The fire and smoke connect you to the heavens.
This is your medicine.
You love your cooking tools. You require integrity here too.
You love your Beautiful Boards. They are a beautiful and constant in their presence. They match your style.
Rock On.

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