beautiful figured mapple cutting board

Master Chef:

Nuance — you have mastered the nuances of heat, time, and texture, ingredients, seasonings, preparation, and presentation.
No small feat.
All key components of making food a delightful experience.
You repeat your mastery over and over to provide people exquisite meals and fun times.
Your Beautiful Boards are the ultimate complement to your creations.
Their beauty and functionality are unmatched.
They are the perfect pallette for the preparation and presentation of your masterpieces.

Cutting Boards for the Master Chef

Long cutting board

Relaxed Cook:

You arrive home in the earliest waves of Friday afternoon traffic.
You love your timing; and often go in early on Friday to get this time alone.

You change into your 'home clothes' and unpack the bags from your two favorite markets.

You open a bottle of wine and wash your palette with it before setting it back to breathe. You love how the breathing time changes it; and look forward to your second taste later on.

You set some cheeses out to ripen on one of your Beautiful Boards.
Next, Music. You want something that spreads time.... giving you room to feel, think, wonder, and dream.

Back to the kitchen.

You set dry cured beef and hard salami out on another of your Beautiful Boards.
The music is just right and you hope it aligns for your partner too, later on.

You start a ginger sauce for the shrimp. You dwell on the people you love, and count your blessings.

The wine is way better the second time around. You try some cheese.

You notice your Beautiful Boards as they catch the low angled sun.
You look forward to your partner's arrival and an evening of sharing and being together.
You are happy.

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Cutting board for the sloppy cook

Sloppy Cook:

You get that rules are made to be broken. Who’s got time?
It's a creative process. It’s all about flow.
A pinch/dash is as good as measurements.
You get it. And you are on it.
So flurry on, and push everything aside as you go.
Come back later to clean up the wreckage.
Your Beautiful Boards will clean up easily enough later on.
Enjoy the process.
I bet it tastes great.

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Cutting Board

Single Parent Cook:

Time is of the essence.
Prep and serve a peanut butter & banana caterpillar right on your Beautiful Board.
Cut up a grilled cheese on another.
Cut up some cheese... Anything!... Just get it there before hangry arrives.
So simple, fast, and clean.

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Cutting Board

Vegan Cook:

For your mind, body, spirit — you have decided to walk lightly on our planet.
We thank you. This is not easily done.

Beautiful Boards are in step with you:
Simple, clean ingredients — our FSC and SFI certified sustainably sourced woods are carbon neutral.
Minimum processing — our low embodied energy products and efficient versatile designs.
Minimum waste — our multitude of sizes minimize waste of these woods.

Compatibility — our effort to make Beautiful Boards is satisfying so we are happier and friendlier for it.
Sustainability — Beautiful Boards are clean, simple, and durable

Good to Use
Fun to Use
Delightful Food
Fresh and Simple

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Cutting Board

Clean Freak Cook:

Foodborne diseases and germ transmittance are a serious concern.

Beautiful Boards are designed to be durably hygienic. They maximize your food safety.
Our exclusive 'carbon set' technology fills the wood pores with carbon—a natural anti-bacterial agent.
Our surface seal of pure tung oil adds a dual seal that dries completely. It does not spoil or support bacterial growth.

Our iPegs contain IONPURE—a specialized powdered glass that ionizes anti-bacterial agents when wet. It's made in Japan where they use it in toothbrushes and plastic cutting boards.

I-Pegs before installation.


I-Peg after installation.

Beautiful Boards are as close to perfectly clean as a cutting board can be.

And they are made to stay that way.

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Cutting Board
Cutting Board

Man Cave Cook:

You contemplate the fundamentals of life. You live by a code.
Your friends live by a code.
You don’t require theirs mirror yours.
The common thread is character and integrity—staying true to one's self.

You love to cook. The food and seasonings connect you to the earth.
The fire and smoke connect you to the heavens.
This is your medicine.

You love your cooking tools. You require integrity here too.
You love your Beautiful Boards—their durability, versatility, and beauty. They're constant in their hand-made quality and presence. They match your style. Rock On.

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Cutting Board

The Smoker:

You are INTO IT!
The aromas—the flavors—the delighted smiles when you share your work.
You were born for this. You are all in. It’s in your DNA.

You study rubs, marinades, and brines—herbs and spices—
fruits and sweeteners—wood, fire, and smoke.
You are dedicated to your ART.

Meats transform in your hands.
You are an Alchemist.

Everything is personal for you. You care deeply.
You covet your Beautiful Boards.
They express a passion you know—excellence.

You have inspired us to make a new style of board.
They are larger and deeply dished and made of several pieces, glued together.

We call them Mother Boards.

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